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India is a country that falls under the region of high active seismic waves, thus increasing the probability of earthquakes in the country. For this reason, it becomes important to follow the below-mentioned tips on how to protect your home or any building from the earthquake. Using high-quality construction materials like earthquake resistant TMT Bars and Rebar and Top Quality TMT Bars like Birla TMT Saria (TMT Bars and Rebar) etc. there are also many New Construction Technologies that can be considered to make the building more modern.

Let us go through the 7 tips and facts to protect the home from earthquakes:

Best Quality Construction Materials

Always make it a point to select only the best and top quality construction materials so that they help you in protecting your homes and other buildings during earthquakes. TMT Bars and Rebar (TMT Saria) is the main and major construction material, so make sure while purchasing TMT Bars you select the one which is earthquake resistant.

In Jaipur, Rajasthan AV Steel provides the best and top quality Birla TMT Bars (TMT Saria) as they are the authorized dealer in the state of Rajasthan. Also while Purchasing TMT Bars One Should Keep Certain Points in Mind and Avoid Certain Mistakes While Buying TMT Bars to purchase only quality materials.

Strong Walls to Make Home Earthquake Resistant

Make sure that during the planning stage masonry infill walls should be in place. Steel frames help in reducing the structural problems of the building. Unenforced Masonry buildings are made of bricks, hollow clay tiles, etc that are vulnerable during an earthquake. Also, remember to keep enough space between the walls and frame of the building which eases the drift because during earthquakes building shakes.

Reinforcement is Important

It is very important to give shear walls, shear core and cross bracing to protect the building from getting affected during an earthquake because it gives provides required additional strength to the whole structure.

Shear walls help in providing strength to the foundation and help in bearing the movement during an earthquake. It also becomes necessary to have the shear walls at the center of the building around the elevator shaft or stairwell.

The moisture of the Foundation should be Constant

Local soil and water affect the foundation of the building most. Before starting the construction it is essential to consider the soil condition. The moisture condition of the foundation has to be constant. The drainage system on the roof should be proper so that there is no clog that can damage the floors that are underneath the roof also ensure that the rainwater on the ground runs into drains and not strain under the building.

Protect the Home from Outside Hazards

Hazardous items like old or leaning trees, electrical wires/power lines should be checked periodically. It is important to maintain and eliminate the risks of such items so that during an earthquake these do not become a threat to your house.

Timely Repair of the Home

Each item or part of the house needs to be checked timely. Walls, furniture, roof, etc should be repaired timely. If any cracks are found, then they should not be ignored and repaired immediately.

Windows with Rectangular Corners

Square window frames get affected easily during an earthquake because they have a low load-bearing capacity. Rectangular window frames are the best as they have high load bearing capacity as compared to square window frames.


So if you want to protect your home from getting affected during an earthquake, then follow the above-mentioned tips and surely you will see the results. Also, make sure that you should Protect The TMT Bars from Corrosion also. While purchasing make sure you choose top quality only in All The Construction Materials.

If you are in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Looking for Best Quality TMT Bars in Rajasthan supplier then Contact AV Steel which the Dealer of Birla Saria in the State of Rajasthan.   




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