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Nov 02, 2019 Posted by Admin

As the technology is moving towards self-driven, connected, electric and shared vehicles are moving quickly from concept to commercial viability. These will come with a new level of freedom – both for driver and passenger. Vehicles will be designed around the comfort and needs of the passengers instead of the driver.

Now, in this trending and changing world, will steel still be preferred as a choice of material?? This is the real question. So, let us take a moment to look at the steel. It is the Composition and Types of steel which enables the various Properties.

Durability & Cost Advantage

In order to be profitable fleet owners will need to manage the total cost of ownership. So they will need durable, long-lasting vehicles that are also affordable. Here comes steel to the rescue which is durable and also very much affordable.


As time is required for connecting all the vehicles on the road, the need for safety will remain in the future also. So Steel is still needed as it provides us safety due to its property of crash energy absorption and deflection.

Environmental Advantage

Now, when climatic changes or environmental changes have come on the forefront for people out there, coming vehicles need to meet the highest environmental requirements. Steel is the only material which is recyclable and which has the best environmental cycle throughout its life as compared to other materials like aluminum and carbon fiber.


Light-weight will be as important in the future as it is in present, in order to balance smaller batteries with maximum range. The Steel Industry since starting has been developing products, like advanced high-strength steels for both mass reduction and safety.


The flexibility of steel allows designers to use their creativity to the fullest. With the removal of steering, pedals, dashboard, etc. designers will have more space to show their creativity. 

Steel will provide the required strength along with keeping the material thin, which creates new space for sitting arrangements. Steel will manage the loads associated with passengers.


For all the above-mentioned reasons, we are confident that steel will be the center of attraction to the revolutionary changes because of its strength, flexibility, durability, and other properties. 








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