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Steel being one of the important materials used in construction across industries dominates our everyday life. From surgical scalpels to refrigerators to automotive spare parts and what not, steel has become an imperative part of our lives. Though the nature of steel is altered depending on different purposes, but the attributes like durability and strength keeps it steady and alike throughout.

According to the protocols, steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, but still it has less than 2% of carbon, 1% of manganese and few percent of phosphorous, oxygen and Sulphur. Initially steel used to have variety of the carbon content but now steel does not includes more than 2% of carbon- all credit goes to modern age technological innovations and advancements.

The quantities and forms in which these elements are used, affect the properties of the steel produced. E.g. increasing the carbon content increases the strength of the carbon. This fact is helpful for making various types of steel for a number of purposes - the strength needed to make the railway tracks is way different from the strength needed to make the beverage can. Owing to its many properties and characteristics, steel is has various types and the alloy is even used across the industries for infrastructures. 
Let us go through these amazing characteristics of the steel:

Tensile Strength
It is the amount of stress that a substance can take before getting deformed. The tensile strength of steel is high, which makes its usage increase in the infrastructure building.

Ductility means ability of a substance to alter its shape without getting damaged when force is applied. This is the reason which makes steel being used in production of thin wires, automotive components and panels.

Malleability and ductility are closely related – malleability allows the steel to deform under high compression. The process involves compressing the complete alloy and transforming it into sheets of variable thickness.

Steel is considered as one of the hardest metals which reflects its quaint ability to withstand stain. Not only steel is long-lasting but is also highly resistant to continuous wear and tear. This reason makes it high on durability property.

Luster means shiny, silvery. Lustrous is one of the physical property of steel. The outer appearance of steel is somewhat silver in color with a shine on it.

Conductivity means ability of a substance to pass or conduct heat and electricity through it. Steel being a good conductor of heat and electricity is widely used for making domestic cookware, and electric wiring too.

With the addition of certain elements, steel becomes rust-resistant. For example: Stainless Steel which includes nickel, molybdenum and chromium which improves its quality and makes it rust-resistant.

The Indian Steel Industry keeps evolving. Along with it many new and existing steel companies have started their ride towards success. Amongst them, AVSP is one the Best Birla TMT Steel Suppliers in Rajasthan - in case you have queries regarding TMT steel bars, you can reach us directly. 

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