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One must know Tips For Building The Strong Foundation of a Building because what a leg is to a body the same is a foundation to a home/building. Foundation is Important as it gives support to the building and carries the weight of the structure.

Any building/home is made using Various Construction Elements- stone, treated wood, TMT bars (Saria) and Rebar, Steel, etc. In TMT bar, the best is of Birla. Birla TMT bars and Rebars are a perfect combination of Flexibility and Strength of TMT Bars as these both go hand in hand when it comes to TMT Steel Bars TMT Saria.

Have you ever given a thought that why people face so many troubles and spend a huge amount of time building the foundation of a building?

This is because a foundation is starting and basic material for any given project. If the foundation is not firm and robust then working on the building further is not worth doing. There are many Modern Technologies Developed for the Construction Process. So, while adopting these modern technologies one should not forget about the foundation. The foundation becomes the base of the entire building which makes it stand like a sandcastle forever. Thus, it becomes essential to know the tips and hacks on how to build a strong foundation of any building.   

Strong foundation leads to stronger and advanced metropolitan cities in the future which improves the standard of living of citizens of a country. To make the foundation and building strong it thus becomes important to use Top Quality Birla TMT Bars and Rebars. 


The foundation of a house must be able to hold the weight of the building and provide a plain flat base on which construction takes place. So the foundation is built to transfer the weight of the building to the earth and generate a higher level of firmness and stability.

Some more reasons to build a strong foundation are:
If the foundation is near to ground then there are higher chances of it to get rust and corrosion. Once the foundation starts to get rust, it spreads to the entire frame of the building making it weak. One should also the Tips to Save Steel and TMT bars from Corrosion.

Thus, it is always advisable to use AV Steel’s Corrosion-Resistant Birla TMT Bars and Rebar if you are in the state of Rajasthan. Using these TMT bars one will also get many other benefits: 

1. There are no twisting operations involved in the production process of TMT Bars, therefore no residual stress is present in the steel bar, which increases its corrosion resistance ability. One should also know the Manufacturing Process of Steel.

2.  As the TMT Bars (TMT Saria) and Rebar go through Thermo-Mechanical Treatments, they become highly resistant to corrosion and rust, which makes them perfectly fine for usage in the construction process of bridges, dams, etc.

So below mentioned are certain points which will help you in ensuring strong and firm foundations:

    1.    Take Care of Soil Type
Soil type on which the construction will take place plays a major role in the full construction process. Using the same construction material on every soil type is not at all advisable. The foundation material should be chosen according to the type of soil. Thus, the rebar (steel rod used in the foundation) should also be placed and laid as per the soil type.

    2.    Rebar should not be Close to the Soil
TMT Bar and Rebar are placed inside a block of concrete. The size of concrete should be at least more than 4 inches thick from the base when rebar is placed in it. This helps in creating distance between ground and steel inside the concrete. The Steel Industry in India has always been an interesting topic to read about. 

If the rebar is near to the ground, then it can get the rust. Once the rust creeps into the rebar, it spreads to the entire structure. 

Therefore using TMT bars for this purpose is highly advisable! One example of good quality and reliable TMT bars are the AV Steel’s Birla TMT Bars. They provide high strength and ductility to the structure. They come in different sizes.

1. Foundation and Slab Layout is Important
The length and size of the foundation should be equal to take the weight of the building. The concrete blocks which make the foundation should be square in shape and spread out strategically.

2. Make Sure Water is Not Present in the Concrete
While constructing the foundation, water should completely be evaporated from the cement before starting any processes. If the construction starts on moist cement, the water will get trapped inside and the foundation will be weak. Along with this, one should also ensure that How to make the building is an Earthquake–Resistant also.  

In order to maintain strength, one should keep checking the foundation condition regularly, even after construction. One should check the foundation for any cracks or if there is any water seepage from time to time.

3. Bolts in Foundation are Important
The bolts that are fixed in slabs play an essential role in determining the strength of the building. These bolts ensure that the framesets perfectly and evenly on the foundation. If these bolts are placed just for the name sake without paying attention to the position and flattening, then they can create a mess for the frame of the building.

4. Crawl Space can Make Foundation Strong
One can build a crawl space on top of the foundation beam instead of building slabs so that the building is raised from the ground. The crawl spaces save the building from rusting and moisture. Also, there are less expensive as compared to the basement and allow easy ductwork and plumbing. 


The above-mentioned tips are surely going to help in ensuring a strong foundation of your house. Just remember Certain Points While Purchasing TMT Bars and also pay attention to the Mistakes to Avoided While Buying TMT Bars.

If you are in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Looking for Birla TMT Bar Supplier, then Contact AV Steel which is the Authorized Dealer of Birla TMT.



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