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If you want to build a home that is strong and lasts for long then you obviously need TMT Bars. Out of all the Materials Required for Building Construction, TMT Bars is the most important one.

Why only TMT Bar (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars)

TMT Bars yield more tensile strength, flexibility, ductility, etc than high yield strength deformed bars. Earlier HYSD bars were used for construction purposes but the ductility which HYSD offers is very low. HYSD bars are also not earthquake resistant. Due to these reasons and other Properties of TMT Bars, it is mostly recommended and preferred by all.

Why TMT Bars are used for all types of construction purposes?

TMT bars are used widely for every construction purpose because it comes with:

Superior Ductility
Superior Strength
Excellent Elongation Capacity

TMT Rebar is also cost-effective as compared to other steel bars. It uses only 17-20% lesser quantity of steel. For lightweight transportation, the cost of TMT Bar is less. For superior ductility, it can be used for all types of construction purposes. For the superior elongation quality, it can be bent and re-bend up to 180 degrees without any harm to the steel. According to ISO Fe 500D grade TMT Bar has the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. Therefore, Fe 500D TMT Bar is perfect for “sudden load absorption”. 

To know about TMT Bar in detail, one should know about The Manufacturing Process of TMT Bars and also about Different Types of Steel and Its Composition. If you are in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Looking for The Best and Top Quality TMT Bars and Rebar, then visit AV STEEL & POWER SUPPLY as it the authorized dealer of reputed Birla TMT Bar in the state of Rajasthan.

TMT Bars are also highly fire/thermal resistant. It can absorb heat from 400-600 degrees. Ultimately, making your home highly fire-resistant. One should also Keep in Mind Certain Points While Purchasing TMT Bars. One should also Consider Mistakes to be Avoided While Selecting Steel Bars for The House

Flexibility in TMT Bars
It is very much important to select ductile TMT Bar. As per IS Standards Fe 500d grade TMT Bars offers the best tensile strength of 565 N/mm2. Carbon, Phosphorus, and Sulphur % is as low as 0.25% max. This is why TMT Bars can take sudden loads during an Earthquake or Flood. TMT Bars are also highly Corrosion Resistant (CRS) and fire-resistant.

For offering high ductility, TMT Bars are used for almost all types of construction purposes. Countries like China, Indonesia, and Japan are extremely earthquake-prone, there also Commercial structures, Skyscrapers, Houses are made of TMT Bars. TMT Bar is the advancement in the manufacturing sector, which has helped in building all types of structures without any difficulty. During the Quenching process, the Steel rod passes through the water spray system in the quenching box. The moment the steel bar comes in contact with cold water, the outer surface gets harden and becomes martensite whereas the inner core remains soft. During this water spray system (Thermex Technology) TMT Bars becomes highly tensile.

Flexibility in TMT Bar is essential; otherwise, it cannot bear the extra load during an earthquake. In the new edge, construction bending and re-bending are very essential. TMT Bar can be easily bent/re-bended as per the construction requirement. If a TMT Bar is not flexible then it cannot withstand the building during strong shock waves.

Fe 500d Grade TMT Bars has the perfect balance of strength & flexibility according to the IS Standards. It is recommended to use for all type of construction purposes. 

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